The entry of the event will be held at the Boarding level – Access D


Ask the driver to disembark in the boarding area of Terminal 1, in the access D. It will be allowed the landing at the entrance of the event.


Get off at the boarding area of Terminal 1, access D. See below information on the routes and prices

Company Route Price Time
Premium 2018 Alvorada – RIOgaleão (Via Orla da Zona Sul)* R$ 16,00 5h40 às 22h30
Premium 2101 Aeroporto Santos Dumont – RIOgaleão (Via Linha Vermelha)* R$ 14,00 5h30 às 18h
Premium 2145 Aeroporto Santos Dumont – RIOgaleão (Via Seletiva da Av. Brasil / Av. Pres. Vargas)* R$ 14,00 5h30 às 21h30
Premium 2918 Alvorada – RIOgaleão (Via Linha Amarela) R$ 16,00 5h30 às 23h
Premium 2012 RIOgaleão – Gávea (Via Jardim Botânico, Humaitá, Botafogo e Túnel Marcelo Alencar). R$ 14,00 6h às 19:40h
1001 Viação 761 Charitas – RIOgaleão R$ 6,70 (normal) 4h às 23h
R$ 5,90 (bilhete único)
1001 Viação 760 Charitas – RIOgaleão (Via Cidade Universitária) R$ 6,70 (normal) 5h40 às 22h30
R$ 5,90 (bilhete único)


Get off at the boarding area of Terminal 1, access D. See below information on the routes and prices

Company Route Price
Ideal 925 Bancários – RIOgaleão R$ 3,80
Paranapuan 915 Bonsucesso – RIOgaleão R$ 3,80
Paranapuan 922 Tubiacanga – RIOgaleão R$ 3,80
Paranapuan 924 Bananal – RIOgaleão R$ 3,80



Get off at Galeão Station – Tom Jobim 1: disembark in terminal 1, door H. When arriving on the Disembark area it is necessary to go up to the Boarding sector to access the event.

The TransCarioca Express (Semi-Direct) line connects the Alvorada Terminal, located in Barra da Tijuca, directly to RIOgaleão, with stops at the Fundão Terminal, Vicente de Carvalho Station and Madureira.

There is also the option of the TransCarioca line with stops, along the route there are 47 stations and five terminals.

Galeão Station – Tom Jobim 1: land on terminal 1, door H
Galeão Station – Tom Jobim 2: land on terminal 2, door D

Opening Hours
Monday t Sunday, 24h

R$ 3,40
* information may vary.



The subway station Vicente de Carvalho is integrated with the BRT, express transport with direct route to RIOgaleão.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 5 a.m. to midnight
Sundays and holidays: 7am to 11pm

Unit: R $ 4,10
Unit in the Single Ticket: R $ 4,10

Other stations
From Line 2 you can access the Vicente de Carvalho station. By Line 1, just make the transfer in the indicated stations.

* information may vary.


Participants of the event may use the airport parking lot:

Price: R$ 40,00/day

When parking the vehicle it is necessary to go up to the boarding area to access the event.