One of the largest educational institutions in the world focused on aeronautics confirmed its participation in the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show. Founded in 1926, the university has residential campuses in the United States and more than 125 locations around the world and forms professionals in the areas of Aviation, Business, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Intelligence and Security, and has an advanced research center in partnership with the aerospace industry.

“Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has internationalization as one of its guidelines. In addition to internationalizing our residential campuses, the University goes beyond the borders of the United States to establish itself in regions of the world where aviation growth is accentuated and requires the support of an institution such as ours to provide aeronautical and aerospace education and training,” says Dr. John Watret, Chancellor of Embry-Riddle. “Central and South Americas are significant aviation markets and show a marked projected growth. To support this growth, Embry-Riddle decided to return to Brazil, after being present in the country during the Second World War, to offer its education programs in the region and, in the future, to establish a local campus, “adds the executive.

The Executive Director of the University for the Central and South Americas, Fabio Campos, believes that participating in IBAS is important to encourage knowledge about the university and its commitment to the region, as well as being a moment to generate excellent discussions on important topics for The industry during various seminars and meetings that will take place at the show. “It is also important for Embry-Riddle to be in touch with the general public over the weekend to encourage young people to enter aeronautical careers,” said Campos.

The institution will participate in the event as an Educational Host, participating in the discussions proposed by the seminars, receiving partners and interested in their stand on business days, and offering simulators, drones and career information in the aeronautical sector to the public on April 01 and 02.

“Embry-Riddle will bring its expertise of more than 90 years educating and training aviation professionals to the discussions that will take place at the important IBAS seminars and to the public over the weekend. During IBAS, Embry-Riddle will also make several announcements relevant to our activities in Brazil, “Campos concluded.