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AGS is an international logistics operator and also known for its technical expertise on aircrafts transport. With offices in São Paulo, Viracopos, Arujá, Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, Miami, Houston and Milan, it also has a wide network of representatives around the world, the AGS manages all the process to the beginning from the end, ensuring that the cargo arrives to the destiny with the same quality at the begging, with agile way, security and with the best relation proportion cost-benefit.



Link your brand with the safety of your customers. Andorra Seguros, specializing in the differentiated risks, takes care of you and your identity.



Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents and need; and helping people move on with their lives after illness or accidents. Falck has business activities in 46 countries on six continents. In 22 countries Falck provides ambulance services to the general public in close collaboration with the authorities. Operating more than 2500 ambulances, Falck has the world’s largest international ambulance fleet.



Fulstandig Shows e Eventos is freight forwarder specialized in importation/ exportation for events in Brazil and wordwide. Fulstandig team comprises highly qualified professionals in customs clearance, onsite operation, modern fleet of trucks and forklifts, warehouses strategically located close to the main venues in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Grupo Brasanitas

The Brasanitas group, the largest facilities company in Brazil, once again innovates by creating the DSA – Airport Services Division, the fifth division of the group (Hospitalar, Ambiental, Infralink and Praxxis). The DSA comes to the airport infrastructure market to be part of airport concession management and to guarantee the level of services envisaged by the Civil Aviation regulatory agencies.